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BLOG - Echange Passepartout

ARTHUR JUTEAU, en version anglaise

Par TANGUY VILBOUX, publié le mardi 10 décembre 2013 09:45 - Mis à jour le vendredi 13 décembre 2013 09:19

During my stay in the USA, I am at Caintlin Gray’s house with her mother Rebecca and her step-father Todd.


The first two months were spent very quickly, and I did a lot of things.

During the 2 first weeks, I was with the other French students so I did a lot of activities :


The first day, we introduced ourselves to all the school and we did a big meal in the evening at the biathlon center with all the families.


On Wednesday afternoon, we saw two football matches vs Madawaska, the bir rivals of Fort Kent and it was quite funny because a lot of Americans came there only tosee the French, so we had a lot of questions.

On Thursday, we went to the Halloween dance, and we had a very nice time.

On Sunday, we did the Francopholies, for me some of the song were not fantastic because we did some with the children of the elementary school, but in general it was cool and we earned a lot money for their trip in France.

After, in the folowing days, we visited the Fort Kent Blockhouse and went on the ski tow of the city (maybe it will be open on friday !).

During the week-end, we did a bonfire at the Guimonds’ house, we went to a corn maze and we finished with a flight over the region.

On Monday, we went to Quebec for shopping and ate at the Cochon Dingue before the Trench students leave.


After their departure, I started to have a usual schedule :

The greatest part of the day I’m in Mr Daigle class helping him in his lessons or working on my project. In general I spend a half-hour to an hour in the bandroom playing the drums ( very good point, I’haven’t got a real schedule so if MrDaigle doesn’t need me I can go there when I want).

At home I don’t do anything particular except on Sunday nights when Marty, one of Todd’s friends come. In general we eat together and play a lot of games all night, we have a lot of fun every time because he’s very nice.


Two weeks ago, it was Thanksgiving, we were at Toby and Jen’s house. They cooked a very big meal with some turkey in general for this event, that was very impressive to do it, but now i can’t wait Chirstmas and the New Year. We went on Saturday to do some shopping for Chirstmas, but Todd and me didn’t really like that…


Now for us it’s getting quite quite cold ( today it’s -16ºC  but it will be -21ºC on Friday, but for them that’s really not the worst).


There’s quite a lot of snow too, last Monday we had 2 or 3 inches (around 10-15 cms) but today there could be 4-6 inches and it’ll snow again tomorrow.


Actually I feel very good there, when I’ll go back I think I’ll be very happy but very sad too because every day you’re more friendly with them, I will miss them.


To speak a little bit of an important point of the differences between us, food, it was hard to adapt at the beginning, when for example we ate Subway at 4 p.m.

They don’t eat much vegetables but they eat some and I’m lucky to be in my family because Rebecca often cook supper, so that’s good.


To finish the only other point about what I want to speak is the sun, because we’ve got a big interval of time with them : here the sun rise is at 7 and it’s setting at 15h45 ! And it will be earlier every day to Decembre 21st.

Arthur Juteau